New Qualcomm Chip Opens Door to $125 5G Phones

Qualcomm Technologies on Monday released a new mobile processor, which is expected to make low-cost 5G smartphones.

Phones running on the Snapdragon 480 5G mobile platform will be in the $ 125 to $ 250 price range, which was predicted by Qualcomm president Cristiano R.Amon on Twitter in September.

“The 400 series is designed for phones entering the low-cost market outside of the US, China, India, where price sensitivity is a major concern,” said Bob Odonnell, founder and chief analyst at Technology Research, Technology Describe. A marketing research and consulting firm in Foster City, California.

“It allows those phone vendors to bring 5G to customers,” he told TechNewsWorld. “For example, with a lot of 5G in China, it’s a big deal.”

“Process nodes are also eight nanometers versus eleven nanometers, which translates into smaller, more powerful chips,” Moore Insights and Strategy senior analyst Anshell Sag told TechNewsWorld.

“Fast charge inclusion is a good feature,” said Ross Rubin, principal analyst at Retical Research, “because 5G is a bit more aggressive in battery use, especially being able to turn the phone off faster is good.” Low-end phones have small batteries. ”

However, he questions what would improve performance for users. “You will not see the difference between day and night in terms of throughput, especially on the sub-6 GHz spectrum,” he told TechNewsworld. “But over time, in a year or two, you will see improvement when providers optimize their networks.”

However, Solis believes that most consumers will not be disappointed with the performance of 480-based phones.

“The performance should be very good,” he said, adding that “it’s not going to be as fast as a 700 or 800 series phone – just because it’s a 5G phone, doesn’t mean the whole phone can be powerful.” Is – but in most ways people use it. People use their phones. It’ll be fine. ”

Consumer benefits

ABI research director of research David McQueen said the new chips would benefit consumers.

“This will allow the smartphone to be sold at a much lower price, which will help market the 5G smartphone quickly and democratize the 5G experience,” he told TechNewsWorld.

“Many leading OEMs are expected to enter the cheap 5G smartphone segment, and this will be the main growth driver to accelerate adoption in 2021 and beyond. Affordable 5G chipsets, due to the continued presence of MediaTek and Unisoc.

Phil Solis, director of research at IDC, said that even though consumers are not taking advantage of the performance and feature enhancements offered by the 480, they can benefit from its 5G capabilities.

“The more devices that use 5G, the better the network will work,” he told TechNewsWorld.

“New cellular technology is more efficient than the previous generation because it can transfer data faster and has lower latency,” she continues. “Not everyone wants a powerful smartphone that can work at the same time. But connecting is important for everyone.”

He said that a reasonable forecast for new phones based on 480 seems reasonable. “There are phones on the market right now that use Snapdragon 5G600 series processors, which sell for $ 250,” he said.

Ecological drama

By bringing more consumers into the 5G era, Qualcomm’s new chips will accelerate 5G commercial production, McQueen maintains.

“Acquiring more 5G users will improve network efficiency and speed and help operators speed up adoption of 5G,” Saag said.

O’Donnell said that with the release of 480, the price of 5G phones will decrease even more.

“It shows how fast the market is moving towards 5G in terms of phones available over a wide price range,” he continues. “It will be difficult to sell cheap 4G phones in future. Because there will be many cheap 5G options.”

Qualcomm’s latest move is part of a larger long-term ecosystem for the company, he emphasizes.

“They want to run 5G applications because of their robust technology, which is unique to them,” he said.

It also gets people to upgrade their phones.

“The phone market has been in decline over the past year, so people have a strong desire to upgrade,” he explains, adding, “One of the best ways to get people is to buy a 5G phone.”

Emerging market appeal

McQueen said 480-based phones are probably the most popular in emerging markets.

He added, “This will increase volumes in large markets such as China and India, which can reduce mid-range demand for 5G devices.