2021: The Year of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

I am writing this before New Year’s Day and like many of you, I hope to achieve the rest of my goals in 2020, which is to be in 2021. I look forward to putting 2020 behind. The outbreak has been painful, leading to impressive speeds in many areas.

Two of these areas are Robotics and Artificial Intelligence, which we will adopt in this decade, with widespread influence in 2021.

Let us talk about this week and we will be joining the 2021 first product of the week with the Somonofi AI Sleep Monitor.

However, robots expect us to kill or protect it, much of what we see is distribution and food preparation.

One of the major things that happened in late 2020 is that the FAA approved the drone broadcast channel by allowing it to fly over populated areas and at night. Initially, most drone shipments are deployed in rural areas, which makes sense because there are not high-density housing like apartment complexes that do not lend to drones.

However, for some of us, package drones will recover by the end of the year. For the people of New York and Las Vegas, Walmart will soon ship you by plane.

We are not talking about flying drones, as wheeled drones are coming out of experiments in 2019 and entering production. California was the first state to have a large autonomous vehicle. However, I think it’s mostly because we’re still mostly home during these days, so we have to unload stuff – it’s going to be widespread, mostly in rural areas.

But it is not just delivery, restaurants have also become automated, as machines cannot spread disease nor operate 24/7. It shocked me that we were able to return to the automated concept to differentiate it from customers preparing and serving food. Nevertheless, restaurant automation seems to mix industrial robots for food preparation and distribution.

Automation is related to two problems: the absence of people who want to work in fast food restaurants. (Almost all of my area has a sign to help) and site openings during the outbreak.

Finally, we are hundreds of thousands of small truck drivers, and one way to deal with this problem is to install autonomous tractor rigs on major highways for long stretches.

This result is uncertain as trade unions are fighting it. However, due to a severe driver shortage, the only route for the transportation company is to change drivers, meaning it won’t be long until the semi-trucks are driverless.

Dominated by A.I.

Another place where we will see a wide range of deployments is AI, from thermometers to entrances to transportation, to offices, hospitals, and restaurants cautiously and sometimes to stop those hot-runners who are increasingly better digital assistants Yes, we will be surrounded by AI.

One of the exciting efforts starting in 2020 is Nvidia’s Broadcast App and Omniverse Machinima.

It explains how AI can optimize your next video conference. Think about GPU-centric capabilities, using technologies like DeepFake to give you a virtual office that looks more realistic than our current background, eliminates background noise, and even your age. Ability to reduce and prepare you as such. You look more professional on screen.

In the coming years, I expect it to have the ability to wear your clothes progressively, so you will look as if you will dress in a culturally acceptable manner for each country you broadcast. I hope there will be a point in the film “Lost in Space” when Will Robinson complains of his behavior with a monkey cartoon in place of his teacher. I can think of several ways that this ability can end badly for anyone.

With your digital assistant integrated with products like Cisco Webex Desk Hub that blends your office and smartphone and supported with an office-focused digital assistant, our homes and offices will have Alexa-like capabilities.

These are not Siri-like, but are increasingly supported by mature AI technologies such as IBM’s Watson to provide you with faster insights and better answer your business questions. It would be easy to find out who is in charge of something that you need approval from, with whom you should work with it, and get more timely notifications if you are doing something that puts you in a difficult situation Can.

The AI-powered health monitors we operate are finally scheduled to receive a massive upgrade.

Think of more accurate blood pressure, insulin and heart monitoring, directly linked to EMT and medical services, so you can get the medical help you need more quickly and accurately. There is potential for success in marking the start of implantation techniques and creating a bridge for advanced prosthetics.